Ceejay Markings experience can transform your school playground into a fun, educational environment, where practical teaching can be combined with games and physical exercise.

Our designs are both bright and colourful, ideal for encouraging healthy outdoor activities and creativity through play, whether individual or team based.

Examples of our work can be seen in the portfolio and includes such designs as;

  • Snakes & ladders
  • Hopscotch (also with multiplication tables)
  • Roadways (for cycle proficiency / pedestrian training)
  • Maps of the World
  • Table Grids
  • Clocks
  • Compasses
  • Nature
  • Animals
playground painting and line marking - hopscotch gameplayground painting and line marking - compassplayground painting and line marking - UK mapplayground painting and line marking - Cricket stumps and Painted Target gamesplayground painting and line marking - Snakes & ladders and other painted games

Whatever the chosen design, fun or educational we can help turn your playground into a true learning asset. More examples are available in our portfolio.


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